Sowing and Harvesting

We sow over 130 acres of Radish annually. Our sowing program begins in February and runs through to September. This sowing schedule will produce Radish for harvesting from April through to November.

Washing, Topping and Packing

Once the radish has been harvest it is transported back to our main site where it is washed, topped and tailed by high speed and efficient machinery.

Order Process and Packing

Orders are submitted from the supermarkets via EDI daily. The requirement of product is then graded and packed for distribution to the designated supermarket depo's nationwide.


Harvest time at Mayfair Nursery

Adam our grower is very busy during harvest time. Adams says;

"Radishes do not hang about, If they are left in the ground too long they start to deteriorate making harvesting a very time sensitive job. With the help of our custom built harvesting machines and FENDT 312 we harvest 5 acres of Radishes per week. The Radish is then transported back to our main site for topping and tailing before it goes to be washed and packed for sales and distribution."