Company History

The company was established in 1950 by John and Jean Thompson. They began by growing a selection of salads and vegetables for local Markets. The business grew steadily and as it developed so did John and Jeans family. First born was Ian in 1955 closely followed by Mark. Ian & Mark joined the family partnership after leaving school, wanting to progress the business they began to specialise in Radish and launched the brand 'Red Pearl'.

In 1990 Mark introduced a range of Bedding Plants and secured a contract with a national supermarket to supply throughout the season's.

As time passed the next family generation joined the business, namely Adam & Sam Thompson (sons of Ian). Adam is the eldest son, and our Radish grower. Adam came to work for the family business in 2003 and has progressed to his position under the watchful eye of his father.

Sam is our Plant Manager; he runs the Bedding Plant Production Process. Sam originally came to work for the family business solely in Radish Production, then in 2010 Sam’s uncle Mark introduced him to Bedding Plant Production which he has successfully managed to this day.

Adam and Sam have joined the company with the vision of taking the business to the next level. Between the two of them they manage the day to day running of the business. A lot of personal care has gone into the development of J & J Thompson and Sons over the past 60 years, and not just by the family. There are many more hands working away to make sure our products meet the highest possible standards.

People are very much at the heart of our company, we value highly all of our employees and see them as a key to our success.